Automated Endpoint Security

enSilo provides real-time protection of pre and post infected endpoints. enSilo delivers comprehensive NGAV and automated blocking-enabled EDR capabilities to effectively defend against sophisticated malware and data breaches.

Comprehensive Endpoint Security

Next Gen AV | Automated EDR

Guarding The Data &
Eliminating The Noise

Instead of blind mass-scale inspection, the enSilo
platform only inspects actions that may pose a threat
to data, namely data extraction and data modification.
Everything else is just noise.

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Real-Time Protection

enSilo endpoint security agent resides on the level of the OS kernel. Attackers have to interact with the OS, at which point enSilo spots them and prevents their malicious activity real-time pre and post infection.

High-Fidelity Visibility

enSilo's endpoint security agent seamlessly records all OS activity pre and post infection. When there's an attempt to extract or modify data, enSilo focuses on the action, retrieves all recorded activity, and retroactively reviews it - in real time - all the way back to its source.

The entire chain of OS activities provides conclusive evidence whether you're
dealing with a real threat. If so, enSilo blocks the malicious action,
without any impact to the user's machine.

Preserve Business Continuity

Preserve Business Continuity Work uninterrupted, even in a post infected environment

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