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Assume Attacks Will Bypass Traditional Prevention

Why Ensilo? Testimonials

Bob Vail, Director of Security

“enSilo is exceptionally lightweight, its not disruptive to the user.”

Randy Potts, Chief Information Security Officer

“Preventing a breach is my #1 priority, enSIlo helps me with that immensely!"

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Don’t miss Tal Liberman, the enSilo Security Research Team Leader who found AtomBombing, and Eugene Kogan, enSilo Principal Development lead, in “Lost in Transaction: Process Doppelgänging”
Automate Post-Infection Burden

Traditional Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools are costly, complex and fail to stop post-infection threats real-time.

enSilo automates your post-infection protection by stopping malware impact in real-time and giving you the remediation, forensics, and threat hunting capabilities to respond on your time.

Eliminate Pre-Infection Blindness

Traditional antivirus (AV) is blind to advanced malware.

enSilo’s certified next generation antivirus (NGAV) and application communication control improves pre-infection protection against advanced threats.

Security Insights

Essential FAQs to Combating Ransomware

Ransomware has gone from a nickel & dime operation targeting individual computers to a multimillion dollar criminal operation targeting organizations that can afford to pay enterprise-level payments.

enSilo Endpoint Security Platform with HIPAA

Coalfire concludes that the enSilo Endpoint Security Platform, version 2.6, meets the HIPAA controls under Part 164, Subpart C.