At enSilo, we are not afraid to challenge assumptions. It begins with enSilo’s founding concept and rolls all the way to technological limits. We encourage our employees to research, apply cross-domain solutions and provide fresh insights. In fact, it’s not rare to find us going back to the whiteboard, shooting down barriers to fully resolve issues before they even arise.


We honor independent work, providing the necessary tools to succeed and the opportunity to advance. Just as equally, we also value collaboration, sharing and honing ideas between peers. Our office space consists of several rooms shared by a few team members. That way we still get the free flow of ideas but without that big-brother open space feeling.


We want you to have the passion – not just to deliver, but also to contribute to others. This is the place where you will always learn from others’ experience and apply the latest technology and processes. Contribution is our value. It’s not just work. We take pride in contributing to the community – whether it’s a community-day or employees gifts that give back to society.


Our team is composed of sports addicts, backroad travelers, photographers and our fave – baking enthusiasts who share with us their latest endeavor. We welcome the dynamics that each individual brings to the team.

Join Us

If you’re looking to apply the latest technologies and methodologies, to take on a
key role and influence, we’re waiting just for you.

USA Positions

Senior Forensics Engineer

Be part of this leading forensic services team. This team is known for its findings of critical system vulnerabilities, exploits and malware campaigns. What will you find? Be a leader among security professionals. Share your expertise with customers on the latest threats targeting them, as well as advising them on incident response.

Description of responsibilities:

Review incoming security events that were not identified easily with initial triage pass. Respond to customer escalations, and advise recommended incident response actions to customers. Perform customer-facing analysis of potential threats. Manage escalation of malware incidents. Document issues / bugs with event processing.

Skills required:
  • B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science, Security, or equivalent experience
  • Text and phone based customer support experience with fluent English
  • Advanced endpoint security software (AV, DLP, etc.) support background a plus
  • Strong Operating systems internals background and endpoint security experience (knowledge of dynamic or static analysis, formal training in computer science / systems architecture or equivalent field experience)
  • Antivirus labs experience ideal
  • Examples of applicable previous experience:
    • Computer science or Management Information Systems degree
    • Threat research at an antivirus company
    • Endpoint security operations team member at a large company
Apply via email: hr@ensilo.com
Forensics Engineer
Be part of this leading forensic services team. This team is known for its findings of critical system vulnerabilities, exploits and malware campaigns. What will you find? Share your expertise with customers on the latest threats targeting them, as well as advising them on incident response. Description of responsibilities: Review incoming security events to perform initial triage of events. Notify customers of malware infections. Identify alerts that appear highly suspicious and escalate them. Identify likely false positives and categorize them, matching them to similar events from the past if possible. Experience and skills required:
  • B.S or MS in Computer Science, Security, or equivalent experience
  • Strong Operating systems internals and endpoint security experience (Windows)
  • Customer support (email / phone) experience
  • Desktop support (help desk) background idealSecurity operations background ideal
  •  Security operations background ideal

Apply via email: hr@ensilo.com

Senior Technical Support and Operations Engineer

As Senior Technical Support and Operations Engineer you will possess a proven aptitude for learning new technologies and a desire for continuous learning. You will be highly analytical with the ability to derive facts quickly, methodically, and accurately through mature and mindful interactions with customers. You will work to optimize the efficiency of enSilo’s cloud operations and the performance of customer cloud environments.


  • Respond to escalated customer support cases via phone, email, and chat.
  • Replicate, troubleshoot, and document customer issues. Understand customer systems and configuration, identify problems and recommend solutions
  • Provide regular communication to the customer in a timely and professional manner
  • Take ownership of customer issues when escalated by customers, management or partners. Drive to resolve issues effectively, escalating cases to development teams where necessary.
  • Participate in the testing of new product builds and releases
  • Identify potential product/process weakness, research potential fixes with relevant internal teams and management
  • Contribute to Support Documentation and knowledge-base articles
  • Develop and enhance operations management processes, to include cloud and on-premise environment build processes and test and production environment upgrades and maintenance processes
  • Contribute to the design, scripting, testing, and troubleshooting of internal operational tools and automation
  • Expect to spend approximately 50% analyzing and troubleshooting customer issues and 30% of time attending to the creation, infrastructure level administration and health of hosted customer environments, including upgrades, updates, and system monitoring


  • 5 plus years’ experience in the Technical Support field
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with customers as well as with internal engineers
  • Excellent time management and troubleshooting skills
  • Highly proficient in Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems, comfortable working at CLI and with system administration
  • Experience of in-depth log analysis using command line tools
  • Advanced knowledge of endpoint security technologies, interactions with the OS and related analysis and troubleshooting
  • Strong knowledge of networking technologies, network design, network security, internetworking devices and protocols (TCP/IP, DNS, LDAP etc.)
  • Experience provisioning, managing and monitoring production systems in IaaS cloud environments. Specific knowledge of Google Cloud is a plus
  • Must be able to read, write and speak English fluently and idiomatically, including technical concepts and terminology. Multiple language skills a plus

Additional Qualifications (or equivalent experience):

  • B.Sc. in Computing or related discipline, Masters in a security-related domain a distinct advantage
  • Microsoft or Linux Certified – MCSE
  • Experience with Python and scripting
  • Basic understanding of C/C++, Java, and Ruby
  • Security network and systems related professional certifications are a plus

Apply via email: hr@ensilo.com

Israel Positions

Product Manager

We’re looking for an experienced Product Manager that has strong technical competencies as well as user and business orientation. As a Product Manager at enSilo you will take part in defining and managing the enSilo product offering: using cutting-edge and proprietary technology, enSilo comprehensively secures the endpoint with automated detection and response against advanced malware, without further burdening cybersecurity staff. You will take part in defining the product vision, prioritize features, tasks, and product requirements. You will work with R&D, sales, customers and partners to define feature implementation, discuss current and future product offering with customers and perform market research and competitive analysis.

Why enSilo?

Because you will work in a successful and well-funded start-up, joining forces with super-talented people on a sophisticated product, in the hot and exciting industry of cybersecurity.


  • 4+ years' experience in product management
  • Prior experience in delivering B2B solutions​
  • Excellent technical and functional design skills
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills (mainly in English)
  • Experience working with various groups of the organization, from engineering to sales


  • Prior experience delivering endpoint products or security solutions
  • Experience with cloud technology and multitenant environments
  • Experience with defining user interface
  • MBA

Apply via email: hr@ensilo.com

DevOps Engineer
We are looking for a Platform/DevOps Engineer to join our team. In this position, you will develop, maintain, boost and automate enSilo’s platform and infrastructures including our Cloud platform. You will also deliver top tools and technology for our continuous development/deployment practices. Responsibilities:
  • Build and maintain enSilo’s platform system infrastructure utilizing Python and other scripting languages.
  • Provide support for large server environment maintaining system standardization, security, software, and performance.
  • Streamline the R&D daily work using best-of-breed tools & technology.
  • Own and improve enSilo’s build infrastructures, source control, S/W cycle tools, and Continuous Integration/Deployment.
  • Responsible for our development environment, S/W licenses, tools evaluation, setup, and configuration.
Basic Qualifications:
  • Proven experience in various environments and platforms (e.g. Linux, Windows, OSX)
  • Experience with CI/CD frameworks (e.g. Jenkins) and bug tracking systems (e.g. JIRA)
  • Proven hands-on experience with at least 1 programming languages (e.g. Python) and scripting (e.g. Bash)
  • Solid understanding of IT infrastructures (e.g. Networks, Monitoring, Storage)
  • Team player with good interpersonal skills Motivated and Self Learning abilities
  • Experience with Cloud, Virtualization, and containerization infrastructures (e.g. Google Cloud, VMware, Hyper-V, Docker)
  • Familiarity with Databases (Postgres, MySQL, Mongo etc.)
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or relevant Army experience Flexibility and Versatility – the position requires dealing with a wide range of environments, technologies & programming languages
Apply via email: hr@ensilo.com
QA Engineer

If you are interested to work in a challenging environment, master versatile platforms, solve hard problems, and compelled to cybersecurity, come and join our dynamic and fast paced QA group.

  • Take on to learn and apply cutting edge technologies, by learning and perform manual testing of a wide variety of new disciplines.
  • Define and execute wholesome test plans to new features.
  • Get familiar with the cybersecurity world, develop malware and functionality test suites.


  • Design, develop and execute tests for cybersecurity solution cross-platform components
  • Enhance QA infrastructure, test scenarios and flows
  • Build end-to-end environments from scratch
  • Test integration with internal and external components
  • Collaborate and cooperate efficiently with other team members and development teams
  • Deep dive to feature requirements and designs, implement efficient quality methodologies to ensure QA standards
  • Run continuous integration and regression tests and monitor bug resolution efficiency

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or similar field, or equivalent experience
  • Proficiency in QA (at least 1 year experience), ability and agility to quickly learn new technologies
  • Familiarity with Networking and Protocols (HTTP/TCP/IP)
  • Highly responsible, self-disciplined, self-managed, adept to fast-paced and results-oriented environment.
  • In-depth knowledge of writing and executing test plans (STP/STD/STR)
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills - Fluent in English


  • Functional Mac OS experience (including scripting and automation)
  • Experience with cybersecurity concepts and technologies
  • Some programming experience in Java/Python or equivalent.
  • Familiarity with Selenium / Jsystem or equivalent – an advantage
  • Basic knowledge in databases

Apply via email: hr@ensilo.com

Security Researcher

Join our leading research team that is known for its findings of critical system vulnerabilities, exploits and malware campaigns (see more on our research blog: breakingmalware.com). Take part in our innovative approach and build with us the most cutting-edge product in cybersecurity today.


  • Experience with a research team or research projects.
  • Assembly x86/x64 skills are a must: At least 3 years of experience in reverse engineering.
  • In-depth knowledge of operating systems internals.
  • Experience with malware research, kernel development, and vulnerability research.
  • Experience of the C/C++ programming languages.
  • Experience with Linux.
Apply via email: hr@ensilo.com
Senior Linux Kernel Developer

About The Position

Be part of a small team of kernel developers with wide responsibilities. Develop a complete Linux protection product, Implement kernel modules across Linux kernel subsystems and protect Linux servers around the world.


  • At least 4 years experience in software development writing in C/C++
  • At least 2 years experience in Linux Kernel & network drivers development
  • Experience in working in a multi-threaded, distributed UNIX server environment
  • Experience with x86 / x64 assembly (advantage)
  • Experience in Network Server and NAS Systems (advantage)
  • Experience with software security (advantage)
Apply via email: hr@ensilo.com
Senior Solution Architect

About The Position

enSilo is looking for a rising information security consultant to work with customers to re-engineer the defense of their systems, identify ongoing attacks in new customer environments and operationalize the enSilo platform through process and technology integration and training.

What you will do

Make a difference by assisting customers in-person and remote (up to 50% travel) to take the next steps, post-sale, in actually improving their security postures and reducing their risks by:

  • Helping customers implement and tune the enSilo platform
  • Training customer stakeholder groups on relevant best practices
  • Helping customers integrate enSilo into existing processes and technologies in their environments
  • Assisting customers in handling initial findings including ongoing attacks on customer systems, pre-existing and new malware infections, and potentially unwanted programs.
  • 5+ years of experience as a security solutions architect or security consultant including significant focus on implementing and managing endpoint security
  • Strong understanding of Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems and malware techniques and trends
  • Ability to plan, develop, and execute solution deployments
  • Outstanding communications skills, both oral and written
  • Experience working with diverse professional clientele with varying skill levels and technical experience/competency
  • Flexible and adaptable self-starter with strong relationship-building and time management skills
  • Collaborative and team-oriented attitude
  • Takes initiative and approaches all tasks and projects proactively
  • The ability to work independently with substantial latitude while maintaining focus on achieving optimal customer outcomes
  • Incident response, malware analysis and forensic investigation experience
  • Python and PowerShell scripting
Apply via email: hr@ensilo.com
Windows Kernel Developer

About The Position

Be part of a small team of kernel developers with wide responsibilities. Responsibilities include wide range of kernel modules and processes: network, process management, file management, etc.


  • At least 4 years experience in software development writing in C/C++
  • At least 2 years experience in one Windows kernel & Windows internal development
  • Experience in working in a multi-threaded environment
  • Attention to detail and high coding standards
  • Experience with x86 / x64 assembly (advantage)
  • Experience with software security (advantage)

Apply via email: hr@ensilo.com

Pre- and Post-Infection Endpoint Security
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