Endpoint Security.

Keep your endpoints safe. Reduce your attack surface. 
Stop bad things from happening to good data.

Infiltration Is Inevitable

Your defense in depth and layered security will fail

Stopping Threats At The
Gate Simply Isn’t Working

There’s been an explosion of complex and adaptable exploits. They're impossible to ignore – impossible to stop. The bar continues to be raised and security professionals are tired of playing catch up.

Typical security focuses on keeping the attackers out. They will eventually get through.

Valuable Time Wasted
On Detection

Too many alerts. They multiply beyond our wildest hopes of processing them all. Worse yet, when you finally get the information you need, it’s simply not actionable. 

That Noise Is Costing
You a Lot of $$$

Are you looking at every alert or indicator? Low fidelity alerts? Sadly almost no one is. That's a real problem and everyone knows it. Why are you taking that risk? Because labor is expensive. It is time to stop spending money on ineffective solutions. 

Reimagine Your Endpoint Security

Infiltration Is Inevitable,
Data Theft Isn’t.

Instead of blindly shielding all entry points,
do what cyber security was supposed to be doing
all along: protect the data.

Endpoint Security. Evolved

enSilo is not your typical endpoint solution that tries to prevent infiltration or flood you with possible indicators. We take a new approach that doesn’t just block malware, but also relies on post-infection protection as a last line of defense. enSilo catches the attackers red-handed to prevent the consequences of attacks.

Because it’s after the breach that enSilo’s real-time Post-Infection Protection truly shines. We protect your data after the inevitable occurs. Attackers might get in, but once they’re in place – they can’t do anything.