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enSilo in a Nutshell

enSilo offers a real-time data protection platform against advanced attacks. Learn how enSilo can help you achieve effective security.

Movers & Shakers:
Interview with Roy Katmor, CEO of enSilo

Frost & Sullivan feature enSilo in their Movers & Shakers edition. See why enSilo stands out from the crowd.

We Lost the Battle against Intrusions.
Are We Left to Raise Our Hands in Defeat?

We propose a new security strategy which looks at preventing the consequences of the cyber-attack.

Stripping the Malware threat out of PowerShell with enSilo

PowerShell attacks are on the rise. Learn how enSilo protects endpoints against this threat.

How you can stop your endpoint security tools from disrupting the business

How does an effective endpoint platform look like? We list out purchase criteria for endpoint security.

Cyber Security 2017 Predictions

Best practices for the evolving threatscape, market dynamics and U.S. policy.

Security Tools:
An Attacker’s Dream Come True

We review the vulnerabilities of security tools and their risks. We propose practical steps security teams can take to protect their networks.

Vulnerable by Design

Learn how attackers appear legitimate in face of security tools by exploiting design vulnerabilities.

Essential FAQs
to Combatting Ransomware

Q&As on ransomware - including facts and trends to facilitate boardroom discussion, and strategies to prevent ransomware.

Leading Railway Secures Data with enSilo

Critical infrastructure operator secures data with minimal operational impact thanks to the enSilo exfiltration prevention platform.

YTL Starhill Reduces Operational Costs of Security

Real Estate Investment Company protects data without complexity, thanks to the enSilo exfiltration prevention platform.

Keeping Financial Institutions Operating

Learn how enSilo maintains ongoing availability of information even in face of an attack.

Healthcare -
A Cyberattack That’s Only Getting Bigger

Learn how enSilo ensures healthcare organizations prevent any unauthorized use or exfiltration of sensitive medical data.

Preventing the Impact of Ransomware on Law Firms

Learn how enSilo gives law firms peace of mind by stopping ransomware in real-time from encrypting data.

Virtual Patching for PoS Systems

Learn how enSilo eliminates system downtime during the investigation and remediation of an alert.

Keeping VDI Environments Running and Secure

Learn how enSilo can be seamlessly integrated with VMWare HorizonTM to support secure, ongoing operations.