Ensuring continuous operations is a priority

When dealing with money, every moment counts. Delays in financial operations can have serious consequences (and costs) for both the customers and the financial institutions they have trusted to execute those transactions.

But continuous operations require more than just good process and procedure. To protect themselves, financial institutions must also be able to ensure their operations even when threatened with a security breach.

To protect themselves and their reputation, financial institutions must also maintain compliance industry regulations like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). They must ensure not only their operations, but also maintain the integrity, privacy, and availability of their data. A difficult task given the scope and sophistication of the kinds of cyberattacks they’re facing today.

Even the chair of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) admitted that cyberattacks are the greatest risk that global financial systems face today. More so, the rise of ransomware has hit the financial sector. The cost of a ransomware infection isn’t just measured by the size of the ransom either. Organizations hit by ransomware are often find their businesses paralyzed while they struggle to respond to the attack. In fact, a third of the affected financial firms have admitted losing between $100,000-$500,000 due to a ransomware incident.


To protect against data stealing and ransomware threats requires real-time attack prevention that is frictionless – allowing your day-to-day operations to continue uninterrupted – even if your system is infected with advanced malware.

enSilo provides frictionless security

Financial sector organizations need real-time attack prevention that allows their day-to-day operations to continue uninterrupted – even if their systems are infected with advanced malware. This is a capability that only enSilo offers, and we call it “frictionless security”.

Frictionless security means that even if your systems are compromised, you can still keep working. Our platform stops cyberattacks like ransomware from the inside – preventing malware from making outbound connections or executing unauthorized file changes, while not interrupting the normal operation of the OS.

enSilo benefits for the financial sector


Real-Time Attack Prevention

  • enSilo prevents data theft
  • enSilo prevents malicious data tampering (like Ransomware)
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Frictionless security

enSilo allows you to continue working, even if your system is infected with advanced malware


enSilo protects the privacy and integrity of protected financial information

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