Law Firms Are Virtual Storehouses of Valuable Client Data.

Law firms are businesses that operate at very high operational tempo levels in an environment that demands both speed and attention to detail. The combination of such large amounts of valuable client data and the often time-sensitive nature of legal activities make law firms prime targets for cyber criminals.

Whether the threat is data theft, or using ransomware to maliciously encrypt critical documents, threat actors can infect an entire network of computers and put crucial legal proceedings on indefinite hold.

To turn the tables on attackers, law firms need a solution that provides real-time protection against
both data theft, and ransomware. They need enSilo.

What Law Firms Should Know About Ransomware

  • Ransomware is malware used by attackers to maliciously encrypt the files on a computer. Once the files are encrypted, the attacker leaves behind a ransom note demanding payment.
  • Until payment is made, the files are useless to the end-user.
  • The real costs of ransomware go far beyond just the ransom itself. The impact to daily operations can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Backups become irrelevant due to the constant creation of documents and changes from all your users.

enSilo Gives Law Firms Peace of Mind

Real-Time Protection

enSilo shuts down data
theft and ransomware.

Frictionless Security

Allows users to continue
working securely even
on infected systems.

 Privacy Compliance

Maintain the privacy
and integrity of data because
enSilo doesn't review it.

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