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SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 17, 2018 – enSilo, the company that protects endpoints pre- and post-infection and stops data breaches and tampering in real time, today announced significant milestones underscoring the company’s corporate momentum, high-profile research and execution in redefining the fight against ransomware, fileless attacks and other urgent threats. These achievements have driven enSilo’s business growth 275 percent, year-over year, as the company opened its first ever office in the United Kingdom and increases sales worldwide.

“enSilo has always stood with customers wanting a more data centric, frictionless, integrated and effective way to protect endpoint devices’ sensitive files and user credentials underpinning entire mobile, cloud and enterprise-wide systems,” said enSilo CEO Roy Katmor. “Corporate CISOs, service providers and others turning to enSilo recognize our unique critical positioning and want this new alternative. The wider industry is seeing a sea change away from piecemeal point products that only layer cost and complexity with little performance gain.”

In “The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites, The 15 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up,” Forrester Senior Analyst Chris Sherman writes “As the numbers of new malware variants and methods of obfuscation rise, antivirus technologies have become less effective at protecting employee endpoints and servers … To cut through the market confusion, it’s useful to categorize vendor capabilities into three core needs: attack prevention, detection, and remediation.”

enSilo’s proven pre- and post- infection endpoint security platform boasts unique real-time data centric protection, infection prevention and remediation performance by combining automated, blocking-enabled Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capabilities with Threat Hunting, Incident Response and Virtual Patching features. Unlike endpoint defenses banking on a single blocking or detection capability, enSilo delivers integrated real-time protection in a single lightweight agent, with full kernel level visibility, that is cloud-managed and able to deliver more protection from more points of attack. This defense seamlessly defeats data-targeting attacks, namely data theft or tampering, as with ransomware, without the need for data-awareness and while being agnostic to the infection methodology.

Scaling easily across large organizations, enSilo’s platform can both block attacks outright and arrest the earliest malicious actions of detonating malware – simultaneously generating rich forensic data visualizations for security teams. This combination of integrated and automated security frees incident responders from needlessly manual tasks and empowers customers to investigate attack sources, prioritize patches and take other steps, while threats are intercepted and analyzed.

“The endpoint security protection platform market is crowded with vendors offering false promises. Many attacks still get past prevention defenses and traditional EDR tools are cumbersome, costly and impose a manual tax on my team,” said Randy Potts, CISO at financial services firm Real Time Resolutions. “enSilo is unique among endpoint security platforms in providing both pre- and post- infection protection, along with EDR telemetry and tools to my security operations center. Working in a closed loop manner, enSilo  preserves business continuity and delivers on the promise of security against zero-day malware attacks.”

Resellers and service providers increasingly adopt enSilo’s platform to deploy enhanced managed detection and response on endpoint security across customers’ assets. enSilo’s flexible architecture means partners can run the company’s platform on-premises for clients or deploy from the cloud, making it easier to provide value-added security performance and data improving the performance of existing security investments.

“We evaluated several endpoint security vendors to deliver a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service for endpoints. Most vendors introduced multiple agents, manual processes and cumbersome management consoles that made it impractical for our business model and customers,” said Oliver Bendig, CEO of Matrix42, a global managed service provider offering workspace management services and other solutions. “enSilo’s integrated and lightweight agent, coupled with a scalable cloud managed platform and intuitive interface for my SOC personnel, made this platform a no-brainer for us to select as a technology partner for delivering a differentiated endpoint MDR service to customers.”

In the last year alone, enSilo researchers were invited to present at some of the industry’s most selective conferences, including RSA Conference, Black Hat Europe and elsewhere. At events, through media and their Breaking Malware blog, enSilo researchers further established a reputation for finding novel cyber risks at the crucial intersection of devices, security controls and threats.

Highlights included discovering the high-profile “Process Doppelgänging” evasion letting attackers bypass market-leading security products, independently creating a patch for Windows’ critical ESTEEMAUDIT remote desktop protocol vulnerability to thwart ransomware attacks and detailing “AtomBombing” threats injecting malicious code through Windows atom tables. In recent years enSilo researchers have discovered seven zero-day vulnerabilities in various operating systems and more than 20 zero-days in security products.

About enSilo

enSilo comprehensively secures the endpoint pre- and post-infection. enSilo automates and orchestrates detection, prevention and real-time response against advanced malware and ransomware without burdening cybersecurity staff. enSilo’s single lightweight agent includes next generation antivirus (NGAV), application communication control, automated endpoint detection and response (EDR) with real-time blocking, threat hunting, incident response and virtual patching capabilities. Coupled with a patented approach that has full system visibility, enSilo’s endpoint security solution stops modern malware with a high degree of precision and intuitive user interface. Cybersecurity staff with enSilo can effectively manage malware threats without alert fatigue, excessive dwell time or breach anxiety. enSilo’s cloud management platform is flexible and extensible to meet operational needs that stop malware impact. For more information please visit www.ensilo.com.

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