Application Communication Control

Your Business Runs On Applications


The Secret Lives Of Applications

Application Control, aka whitelisting, is a hard, messy process. Painful to both users and administrators who have to manage which applications to allow and which to deny. And which versions. And which user groups.

From the simplest calculator to the most complex industrial controls, your business can’t run without applications. From a security and network standpoint, the more applications, programs, and processes running on an endpoint, there is a greater cybersecurity risk. Factor in an enterprise with thousands of PCs, all running different applications, or different versions of the same application, and whitelisting becomes a nightmare.

Not Application Control. Communication Control.

enSilo's Application Communication Control simplifies whitelisting for security teams. With enSilo, you can easily manage what applications and services are allowed to communicate - and to whom - with a simple, policy-based solution.

It’s 10 a.m. Do You Know Where Your Apps Are?

There are 4,000,000+ Windows Applications. Whitelisting? Really?

Here’s Why It’s Important

  • Production Servers: enSilo limits which applications can communicate off of your servers. No matter what gets installed, it won't be able to communicate off the server without your express approval.
  • Point of Sales (PoS) Systems: enSilo enables your PoS authorized applications to communicate outbound. enSilo blocks in real-time skimmers or malicious applications that found their way to the device.
  • IoT devices: enSilo ensures that only what the IoT manufacturer specifically authorized to run will be able to communicate off the device. If a user still overcomes application installation restrictions, the application is paralyzed.

How It Works



You Control Your Applications

enSilo controls when and where applications are allowed to communicate. enSilo provides visibility into any communicating application in your organization, enabling you to control which applications can communicate outside of the organization. The system maps all applications in your network that communicate externally. This allows administrators to review the findings and either approve or deny this communication.

One Alert
Per One
Live Threat




  • Low number of alerts
  • No action required
  • Prevents the consequences of an advanced attack
  • Real-time, before it starts
  • Allows users to continue
    working on a compromised
  • Stops only the malicious
    communication or process

Application Communication Control
Has Never Been So Fricionless