Endpoint Security.

Built in Next Generation Antivirus

Scientific Filtering

enSilo prevents the execution of complex malware automatically and reduces your initial threat surface exponentially.

Reduce your threat surface

enSilo’s combination of Next-Generation Antivirus and Post-Infection Protection make it the
most effective and comprehensive endpoint security solution available.

The Platform


NGAV as a preliminary
step to filter out threats

Communication Control

Allows only authorized
applications to
communicate outbound

Post-infection Protection

Prevents - in real-time -
against data theft and
tampering when the device
is compromised





Pinpoints the threat and
evidence trall leading to the
theft / ransomware attempt


Eliminates the threat

Stop Wasting Time & Money
on Ineffective Solutions

A Next Generation Antivirus will defeat almost every file-based malware.

What happens when
something bypasses a NGAV?

enSilo’s Post-Infection Protection then makes incident response
automatic because it lives inside the operating system
and detects malicious activity within the instruction flow.
Attackers can try to hide, but we shut them down every time.

Unauthorized actions and evidence of attack are detected,
silently responded to, and reported with a single alert,
while legitimate OS functions can continue uninterrupted.

You don’t need a separate AV/NGAV/EPP/EDR/NGES.
enSilo has your back. In one platform.

Try enSilo For Effective Endpoint Security