Frictionless Security

Infections can't stop your business

Never Stop Business: Frictionless Security

Is cyber security taking higher priority than your business operations? Is the cost of your security solutions cutting into your bottom line?

For most, the answer to both of these questions is a resounding, Yes. enSilo believes that cyber security should enable your business, not take it over. It was because of this that we created the most comprehensive solution available, one that doesn't require you stop working every time an endpoint is infected.

We call this: frictionless security.

enSilo stops attackers from impacting your ongoing operations by providing a seamless alternative to traditional cyber security threat detection and remediation. For most organizations, an infected endpoint requires work to stop while the user gives up their system so security personnel can comb through it looking for forensic data and conduct remediation tasks. This can take hours, or days - and often longer. Because enSilo neutralizes the threat from inside the operating system, this allows legitimate operations and work to continue unaffected.

How Do We Do It?

Frictionless security allows users to continue working, even on compromised systems. enSilo's combination of advanced next-generation prevention and post infection protection capabilities target malicious outbound communication or file modification requests made at the operating system level.

As a result, malware is rendered functionally useless, a blot in the operating system that can be cleaned up through enSilo's remediation capabilities at their convenience.

Because enSilo only targets the infection, the OS is free to continue working normally, which means your business doesn't stop. For organizations with extremely high operational tempo, this can make an incredible amount of difference. Retail organizations don't have to remove high-volume point of sale devices from service when infected, and financial organizations can keep buying and selling.

Regardless of your business need, you and your data remain completely safe.

Alert Chasers

Part of providing comprehensive, frictionless security, is removing the burden of unnecessary alerts. Traditional cyber security solutions live to generate alerts. This is because they are primarily detection-based platforms that aren't smart enough to discern between a threat and a possible threat indicator. As a result, these simple systems can only prevent the most low-hanging-fruit of old attacks, and for everything else there are alerts. 

Because enSilo lives in the operating system it is capable of protecting your organization without burying it under questionable security alerts. enSilo reacts instantly and precisely when a data extraction or file modification attempt occurs. This focused approach filters out harmless activity, eliminates false-positive reporting, and only generates one alert per real threat.

Keep everyone safe and happy

enSilo provides more than just comprehensive endpoint security, we also provide a platform that enables IT management and brings peace of mind to harried CISOs. Frictionless security is more than just providing continuous operations, it's about letting your organization and its employees work the way they want to work - without needlessly complex or disrupting security measures.

With enSilo, IT management can get out of the business of "exception management" and massive endpoint application control overhead. SOC Managers can breathe a sigh of relief as alert levels drop down to almost nothing, further freeing up the Incident Response Team, who can actually take time to fully document forensic findings and conduct more high-value security tasks.

You organization's leadership, customers, and employees are safe and happy because your data is safe - and your cyber security isn't getting in the way of your business.

You run a business, not a cyber security business. So focus on what you do best and leave the endpoint protection to us.

Endpoint Security. Solved

enSilo stops threats proactively, in real-time where it matters: your endpoints. Our comprehensive solution provides next-generation antivirus protection with post-infection prevention that prevents the execution of the most complex emerging malware threats.

One Alert
Per One
Real Threat




  • Low number of alerts
  • No action required
  • Prevents the consequences of an advanced attack
  • Real-time, before it starts
  • Allows users to continue
    working on a compromised
  • Stops only the malicious
    communication or process