Attackers Must Use The OS

enSilo sees them when they do.

There’s No Way
Around The OS

enSilo sits inside the operating system and
the ecosystem of its files, processes, and
applications. It detects the malicious activity
within the OS instruction flow.

Eliminate Attacks Automatically

Unauthorized actions and evidence of
attack are detected, silently responded
to, and reported with a single alert,
while legitimate OS functions are able
to continue uninterrupted.

How Does It Work?

enSilo uses two components to prevent data theft and tampering: the Collector and the Core.

The Collector: Know Where
Things Started

The Collector, residing on a computing device, first filters out simple threats. In
parallel, it continuously retrieves and links OS metadata. Once it receives a
request to establish a connection or modify a file, the Collector sends the
collected OS metadata together with the request to enSilo’s second component,
the Core.

The Core: Identify Malicious Activities
In Your Environment

The Core correlates the connection establishment or file modification request
with the collected OS metadata and enforces its prepopulated policies to
accurately determine whether the request is legitimate or not.

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