This Is enSilo

enSilo is the only post-execution platform that is accurate enough to stop zero-day, fileless & advanced malware automatically in real-time.

Endpoint Security. Comprehensive.

Packing a dedicated 1-2 punch that combines next-gen AV with enSilo's patented post-infection protection, enSilo defends your data and secures your endpoints.

enSilo’s platform lives inside the operating system and detects malicious activity within the instruction flow. enSilo only inspects actions that can pose a threat to data, namely data extraction and data modification. Everything else is just noise.

Data Extraction

Data Modification

Only enSilo can tell you whether these activities are malicious.

No other endpoint protection platform or endpoint detection & response tool can do this.

How Post-Infection Protection Works

Next-Generation Anti-Virus Included.

enSilo incorporates advanced machine learning to remove threats as a preliminary stage, making additional AV or NGAV solutions redundant. No. Extra. Cost.

Read How enSilo Defeats PowerShell Malware

Real Alert For
Real Threat

enSilo only alerts when it automatically blocks a real threat. No low-fidelity alerts to fight with, no high cost IR labor, just real threats blocked in real time.

The Smoking Gun: See Why enSilo Acted

Get context & confidence in a glance: enSilo shows you the complete evidence chain for investigation and the full process history that led to the malicious activity. Instantly.

Easily Track All Security Events
with enSilo Dashboard

The enSilo Dashboard provides a simple, comprehensive report of events and their severity. 

We Stop the Malware,
Not Your Business.

You want security that enables business and reduces operational expenses. enSilo delivers.

  • Keep working even if your systems are infected. 
  • No more user machines freezing. One low-impact agent (>1%).
  • Replaces AV, NGAV, EDR and NGES (and still gives you better protection)
  • Automatic Incident Response
  • Reduces Labor
  • Faster Forensics
  • Windows (XP-10), Mac, Linux
  • Cloud. On-Premise. Or both.

Try enSilo For Effective
Endpoint Security