enSilo comprehensive endpoint security

Out of the box malware protection for pre and post infected endpoints real-time. enSIlo provides NGAV and automated EDR capabilities.

Comprehensive Endpoint Security

enSilo’s NGAV provides post infection defense. But for targeted malware, enSilo’s patented post-infection capabilities automates EDR functions to protect endpoints and secure your data, real-time.

enSilo’s endpoint security resides inside the OS and has full system visibility to stop data extraction and data modification.

Data Extraction

Data Modification

enSilo is the only comprehensive endpoint security solution that provides real-time protection pre and post infection.

How Post-Infection Protection Works

Next-Generation Anti-Virus Included

enSilo incorporates advanced machine learning at provides NGAV at no extra cost.

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No Alert Fatigue

enSilo automated EDR blocks post infected endpoints and provides a digestible alert framework for security analysts, IR and forensics engineers.

Complete Malware Picture

enSilo gives you the complete evidence chain real-time.

Intuitive Security Event Dashboard

enSilo provides security analysts a simple, comprehensive console to understand malware events and their severity level.

Impact Malware, Not Your Users

enSilo enables post infected endpoints to be operational despite having malware. enSilo’s patented approach stops malware impact post infection and allows security administrators to essentially provide a virtual patch to preserve business continuity with users. Security teams can remediate endpoint on their own time.

Effective Endpoint Security