Security That Goes Where You Go.

You Work Outside The Office,
Your Security Should Too.

One constant of the modern workplace is that endpoints... move. Meetings at the coffee shop, conferences across town, and telecommuting - telecommuting everywhereWith a laptop and an Internet connection you can conduct business anywhere in the world.

But with great flexibility comes increased exposure to security threats.

enSilo provides PROTECTANYWHERE® coverage for users no matter where their work takes them. When your organization uses enSilo, your roaming endpoints receive the the exact same protection that the systems in your home office do.

Consequences, Malware, and The Roaming Endpoint

Malware has a purpose and while it seems like that purpose is to gain a toehold into your enterprise, the end goal, what the attacker is really after, is to separate you from your data.

Whether you're working from home or stuck in a cubicle at corporate headquarters, the protection your endpoint needs is the same. 

Emerging threats can find new ways to compromise systems that detection alone can't protect against. That’s why at enSilo, we skip to the end. Our patented post-infection protection stops data theft and malicious encryption no matter whether your endpoints are at home or on the road.


Users get the exact same protection wherever they go. Here's how it works:

Endpoint Security.

No matter where your employees connect from, the Collector and the Core have them covered. Capable of running on premise, in the cloud, or both, the enSilo Core provides fully roaming endpoint security that is fully mobile and utterly effective.

Your employees still need to work, and that work can take them around the world. enSilo removes barriers to productivity. No matter where your employees are, the Collector and Core work overtime to keep their endpoints safe and secure. 

High Performance - Tiny Footprint

The best security product in the world is useless if it brings your endpoint systems to their knees. Security cannot compromise performance, that's why enSilo has been designed to create zero user impact. All processing is done on the enSilo Core (except in offline mode), which allows the Collector client running on the endpoints to be sleek, fast, and utterly unnoticed by users.

This combination of elements allows enSilo to truly PROTECTANYWHERE®, providing real-time targeted defense against the most complex emergent malware.

One Alert
Per One
Real Threat




  • Low number of alerts
  • No action required
  • Prevents the consequences of an advanced attack
  • Real-time, before it starts
  • Continue working on a compromised environment

See a Demo of enSilo's endpoint
security platform

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