Remediate On Your Time

Protect endpoints, despite being infected

Buying Time To Remediate

enSilo automated endpoint security will protect your endpoints despite them being infected. You can patch and remediate your infected endpoints on your time, without having to worry about data exfiltration, data tampering and negative impact to your business.

Remediation Without Anxiety

When endpoints are infected, enSilo’s automated EDR
(Endpoint Detection and Response), will automatically
stop malware on post infected endpoints.

Remediate on your time without the anxiety
associated with infected endpoints. Let automation
buy you time to patch your systems.

Remediation Made Easy

enSilo’s automated EDR buys you time.
You can terminate process, remove
the executable or both before fully
remediating the infected endpoint.
It’s that easy.

Automated Endpoint Security. Delivered.

enSilo’s comprehensive endpoint security provides NGAV (Next Generation AntiVirus) for pre-infection and automated EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) for post infection protection.

enSilo’s management platform offers powerful and easy to use forensics, threat hunting and remediation capabilities to improve your operational efficiency.

One Alert
Per One
Real Threat




  • Low number of alerts
  • No action required
  • Prevents the consequences of an advanced attack
  • Real-time, before it starts
  • Continue working in a compromised environment

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