Two click remediation

Clean Up on Aisle 3

Remediation can be ugly work. Cleaning up and eliminating threats, means staff working overtime to patch systems, as well as testing and scanning for complex vulnerabilities. For most organizations, wiping out malware from infected systems often involves simply formatting and re-imaging systems wholesale - "just to be safe."

Remediation made easy

Remediation is one of those tasks that is usually part
of the ugly aftermath of an attack. For most organizations
an endpoint that's been infected is "flattened" out and
paved over with new operating system, a full complement
of patches, and if things are particularly bad - none of the
original user's data. With enSilo, active threats are shut
down before they can do damage, the malware isolated
and unable to execute or communicate.  

What Do I Do Now?
Hint: Click Remediate

Remediation within enSilo can be as simple
as this: Terminate the process, remove
the executable or both.

It just takes a click - (maybe, two).


Endpoint Security. Delivered.

Easy threat remediation is just part of what makes enSilo's endpoint security platform as powerful as it is.

Not only do you get next-generation antivirus capabilities, but you also get post-infection protection that prevents data loss or malicious encryption, in a solution that doesn't make you stop working while you remediate threats.

Frictionless operations, full-context forensics, and easy two-click remediation are all part of our groundbreaking security solution. enSilo not only provides protection against the most complex emerging threats, but it allows your vital business operations to continue even if one of your endpoints is infected.

This means that high operational tempo businesses can focus on their customers, their processes, and their bottom line, while knowing that their data is secure from threats. 

One Alert
Per One
Real Threat




  • Low number of alerts
  • No action required
  • Prevents the consequences of an advanced attack
  • Real-time, before it starts
  • Continue working in a compromised environment

See for yourself how easy it is.