Infiltration is inevitable.
Exfiltration isn’t.

Cyber Security Isn’t About Defense. It Is About Protecting Your Data.
enSilo is a real-time Data Protection Platform. enSilo stops data theft right when it starts. enSilo’s protects customers’ data from exfiltration, tampering and ransomware while never stopping business operations by working at the operating system level.
enSilo secures customers data on premise or in the cloud. Regardless of the where the threat comes from, enSilo can protects your data.

When an application wants to establish a network connection, it must go through the operating system on that pc or server. Not behavior. Not analytics. Not signature. Not Intel. The operating system. No one else works like we do. No one else can protect your data the way we can. Your data doesn’t leave. That’s what enSilo does.

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We all know the issue. Too many alerts. We chase them. They multiply beyond our wildest hopes of processing them all. False positives. IDS or IPS update giving the SOC team fits. A poorly tuned behavioral engine.

A SIEM that wants you to look at EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW.

Yep. So everyone is talking about less alerts. Like they weren’t the ones causing the problem. Huh. Why didn’t they do that earlier? That’s the state of the industry based on old thinking.


We do everything differently. We alert you when we’ve stopped a real malicious outbound communication process. Something that wasn’t supposed to be connecting just started wanting to broadcast your data. Nope.

Stopped it and alerted you that we’ve stopped it.

False positives, right? Nope. We live in the operating system. We know what is really going on.

And we stop only what needs to be stopped.


Defense in depth fails all the time and you’re left holding the bill. And the forensic workload. Stop it before it happens. That’s real return on investment.

If someone wants in, they’re coming in. Anyone in the industry knows this. You can have the best-of-breed tools and extensive defense-in-depth but eventually they’ll find a way. No matter how many times your IDS or SIEM alerts you, and then you kick them back out, they’ll come back. Again and again we see this happening exploit after exploit. Even if you figure out who it is… there’s not a lot you can do.

But what really matters is your data. *Your* data.

Endpoint Protection Platform

enSilo protects the data on the
endpoint from theft, tampering
and ransomware.

Endpoint Detection & Response

We don't just detect and respond...
We prevent the consequences. In

Application Communication Control

Stops only un-authorized
applications from communicating
to reduces the threat surface.

Take Away Your Greatest Risk
While Enabling Business

By protecting your data, you take away the catastrophic risk. We prevent the consequence of intrusions. Seriously, where is your risk if a bad actor cannot steal, tamper or encrypt your data? Yes, there are residual risks that can have significant repercussions but nothing is on the level of data theft. This is one product that takes that right off the table.

Where Do We Fit?

where do we fit

As a real-time data protection platform we not only replace both Endpoint Protection Platforms and Endpoint Detection & Response platforms, but we also add Application Communication Control and Frictionless Security.
There’s a lot of buzzwords in that statement so we’ll break them down for transparency sake.


  • As an Endpoint Protection Platform enSilo protects the data on the endpoint from not only theft but also tampering and ransomware.
  • We excel in Endpoint Detection and Response because we don’t just detect and respond… We prevent the consequences. In real-time.
  • Application Communication Control stops only un-authorized applications from communicating which reduces the threat surface dramatically.
  • Frictionless Security ensures your users can continue to work even on compromised endpoints.

That’s a lot to take in so we’ll simplify: You can replace your EPP and EDR. And get a ton more value for the cost of just one solution. More importantly, contain the attack in real-time while describing the steps that have led to it.

Sounds crazy for this to be in
one product right? Yes. Crazy

We do a lot of things for you but people are rightly skeptical of how we do it. Frankly it is by working at the OS Level that we can accomplish so much in real-time. It works. And we recommend reading our How It Works to get the full picture of how we can level up your security.

enSilo’s Application Communication Control enables enterprises to significantly reduce their cyber threat surface through simplified management of authorized and non-authorized communicating applications.