Data Theft

Any Real Consequences of a Breach
Revolves Around Your Data

Grand Theft Data

Your endpoint data is at risk. Illicit markets for customer data have never been more lucrative or active. With threat actors leveraging more advanced tools, their job is being made easier, and data protection is more important than ever.

Once attackers manage to find an entry point, they can exploit it in moments, setup shop inside an enterprise for days or even months. Theft then takes just a few minutes. Organizations that continue to invest in layered security that only depends on detection wake up to find that their data
has already gone.

How We Stop Grand Theft Data

While detection-based cyber security fails, enSilo's post-infection platform will stop attackers from stealing, or maliciously encrypting your data.

enSilo does this by creating an invisible barrier in your operating system that stops malicious processes from encrypting or exfiltrating data.

Normal applications and processes can continue to run, regardless of the infection that has been introduced to the endpoint.

All protection takes place automatically - in real-time.


Reduce your Risk

enSilo prevents the consequences of an endpoint compromise. We provide a magic "sweet spot" of convergence, that combines prevention, detection,
and response capabilities that other solutions
simply can't match.

Our comprehensive endpoint security platform combines next-generation antivirus with post-infection data protection capabilities and can automatically respond and defeat the most complex infections.

Zero Days - Zero Worries.

enSilo can protect your endpoints against the latest and most advanced malware: Zero-day, fileless, ransomware, Powershell, enSilo defends against all of these attacks and more.

enSilo focuses on consequence-related activities such as data extraction (data theft related) or file modification (malicious data tampering) when they occur. Our high-fidelity solution seamlessly records all OS activity, and can catch malicious data access system calls the instant they happen.

No matter how advanced, or new, a threat might be - enSilo focuses on the real risks to data. This is how we're able to allow the endpoint to continue working normally - even if it's infected. We recognize the threats, stop any ransomware or data exfiltration attempts - and send you a single alert with the threat's full context.

enSilo protects your data from exfiltration in real-time by working at the operating system level. Our unique platform provides full-spectrum coverage that doesn't depend on whitelists, sandboxing, or learning periods. We offer stress free forensics and simple two-click threat remediation - all right out of the box.

One Alert
Per One
Real Threat




  • Low number of alerts
  • No action required
  • Prevents the consequences of an advanced attack
  • Stops threats in real-time
  • Users can keep working, even if their endpoint is infected

“Vulnerable By Design” Research Report:
Learn how attackers appear legitimate in face of
security tools by exploiting design vulnerabilities.