You Work Outside the Office. Your Security Should Too

One constant of the modern workplace it that many of your endpoints move. Laptops and the remote workforce. Meetings at the coffee shop. Conferences. Telecommuting. Sales. Third Parties.

PROTECTANYWHERE® enables the protection of devices that reside also outside the organization (i.e., off-premise protection). Users get the exact same protection they do wherever they go, and more importantly, what they do.

Malware with a Purpose

Most of that malware has a purpose. Usually that purpose is a toehold into your network. But the end goal is stealing your data or ransoming it. That’s why we skip to the end. If the bad actor cannot perform actions on target (stealing your stuff), then you’ve already won.

The bad guys know that it’s tougher to go right after your network directly. If they can find a vector that gets them through a user’s personal email or website then they’ll do. They know your employees occasionally (or more) work from home. That’s their goal in life and most of them are pretty sneaky. Which is why we think it is better to take their end goal away from them.

When All Else Fails: Blame the User.

Your end users will click things they shouldn’t. Phishing and malware hackers will convince your users that they should click or install something they shouldn’t. They’re really good at it. In fact, they’re going to be better than you at convincing them not to click on things they shouldn’t. It’s okay. Really.
enSilo protects your users and your network not only from malicious applications but also lateral movement. While the rest of the industry is focused on the network, behavior, signatures or whatever, we’re protecting the data through the operating system. So really you can relax and know that whatever your folks do, they’re still protected. It’s what we do.

So How Does This Miracle of Modern
Technology Work?

enSilo uses two components to prevent data theft and tampering: The Collector and the Core.



When an employee connects from outside the corporate network, the enSilo Collector communicates with the enSilo Core in the Cloud. When connecting from within the corporate network, the enSilo Collector communicates with the enSilo on-premise Core.

Your employees need to work where and when they need to work. enSilo removes those barriers to business and removes almost all of your true threat surface and risk. If they can’t take your data. If they can’t tamper with your data. If they can’t ransom your data. Then the bad guys did all that work for nothing. Yeah. We’re not real popular with them. We like it that way.


Our footprint is negligible. Sure. There’s plenty of folks that say that but because we’re focused on your business running we designed our product to have zero user impact. Because the Core does all the processing, the collector functions passively. And when we move the family album from the Collector, it's only a few kilobytes. The round trip from Collector to Core for album delivery, processing and return is measured in milliseconds. Click. Done.