Ransomware is a Trend
You Can Prevent

Ransomware is an increasingly popular tactic used to steal data and disrupt a system’s operations.

Essentially, ransomware is malware used by attackers to infect a device, hijack files on that device and lock them, via encryption. 

These maliciously encrypted files can no longer be accessed by users, and are held hostage by the attacker until a ransom is paid.

Ransomware is a trend not a fad anymore but you can prevent it from happening.

ransomware prevention

“Never before in the history of human kind have people across the world been subjected to extortion on a massive scale as they are today.”

Internet Security Threat Report Internet
Report, Volume 21, April 2016


Some security experts are calling 2016 “The year of ransomware” – and they’re probably not far from wrong. Ransomware is an increasingly popular software based malware attack that takes a computer, or its data hostage – and then attempts to extort the system’s owner into paying for its release.

Increasingly effective and simple to deploy, there are more than 250,000 known unique kinds of ransomware in the wild, and you can count on there being more soon. The ease with which these attacks can be developed and distributed and the incredibly lucrative return rates on successful attacks almost guarantees that if you haven’t been targeted by ransomware – you will be.

What does it do?

In its simplest form, ransomware attacks can lock a user out of their personal computer by either via encryption or rewriting its Master Boot Record. But the scary stuff, the most advanced attacks, can crawl across wide area networks and traverse file shares looking for data. What it finds, it encrypts.

Confused users have perfectly functioning computer systems, but no data. Or at least no data they can read. Except for the attacker’s calling card which is usually left behind on the affected disks. This file is often a friendly message from the attacker explaining exactly how the user can regain access to their files – and how much it’s going to cost them.

Who Gets Attacked?

Pretty much everyone is a target. Your neighbors, your family, the business you work for, even your hospital. Anyone can “get” ransomware and that includes highly resilient and capably defended enterprises.

This works?

It does – and people are paying up. Losses to ransomware were up to $325 million for just one version of Ransomware. What it doesn’t take into consideration though, is the time and business productivity lost to these attacks or the possible data theft that could have occurred in parallel with the ransomware attack.

Prevention is the Key

We stop the malicious encryption before it starts. Because we work at the operating system level so we don’t let file tampering start. There are only a few ways to encrypt files and guess what… they all require the operating system. Ding.

So when the malicious modify file request comes through our system, our policies don’t let it. Pretty simple. Pretty powerful.

Researchers have found that many popular enterprise level antivirus systems can’t successfully lock down a ransomware attack before it’s already done its damage. 

Others have found that ransomware payloads are coming in packages that look like real applications and include developer signed certificates. Worse, attackers don’t care what operating system you run.

Ransomware comes in through the endpoint. Which is running an operating system of usually Windows or macOS. We operate in that operating system in real time. enSilo watches the operating system in a way that does not affect the user experience to look for outbound communications, file tampering and encryption.


A successful ransomware attack points to a possible security vulnerability that needs to be effectively remediated.
Additionally, when dealing with hackers, there are no guarantees the data will actually be released;
in fact, it will likely lead to another attack that is nastier and more expensive than the first.

Your Defense needs enSilo

The number one factor with ransomware is that you’re vulnerable. Somewhere. Infiltration is inevitable. The sad truth is that your defense in depth and layered security will never get 100% of the threats 100% of the time. Your organization will eventually be compromised and the rest of your security tools come into play. Maybe. You hope.

Ransomware is an attack on your data. enSilo protects data where it lives – deep in the operating system. 

When ransomware attacks it may make system calls in order to start the file encryption process. All of these communications are with the operating system. enSilo captures this communication and locks it down – stopping malicious file tampering before it can get started.

We ensure that when that happens the consequences of the infiltration are prevented. Your data is safe with us.