Clean Up in Aisle 3

Remediation can be ugly work. Eliminating threats, patching systems and dealing with complex vulnerabilities. Wiping out malware from infected systems often involves reimaging a system just to be safe via old school nuking and paving.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. In all likelihood you know this and you’re waiting for us to talk about the good stuff.


Our remediation is much easier to deal with because nothing happened. Well something happened, but there were no consequences. Obviously not the same thing but when you’re doing remediation with enSilo we blocked the outbound exfiltration as it happened. So nothing bad happened.

We stopped the bad behavior before anyone got hurt. This isn’t precognition or some science fiction mumbo jumbo. As we work inside the operating system, we have a pretty good idea when something’s not right.

And we do something about it. Sure it isn’t “prediction” but it’s better than that because we acted on it right when someone tried to take your data.

What Do I Do Now? Hint:
Click Remediate

Once we’ve done our forensics, then we’ve confirmed what we already know: someone was trying to do something bad. And they weren’t able to succeed.

Cool. Let’s do the cleanup. Terminate the process, remove the executable or both. Nothing shocking here.

enSilo reaches into the endpoint and poof it’s gone.


The key thing is that no data was harmed on your endpoints. Nothing was stolen. Nothing was ransomed because it was stopped in real time. So remediation is great, but that executable can keep whining about whatever it wants. It’s in permanent timeout and not going out to play. Ever. All without bothering the user. They’re still working despite being on an infected machine. 

That endpoint is secure from data exfiltration and tampering, but if you want to nuke and pave then you can do it when the user can give up the PC since their data is safe. This is about as easy as remediation gets. It is a different way of doing business. If you want to work harder than this, we understand being through. We’re okay with that. But you really don’t have to. Seriously, take your time, your data isn’t going anywhere.

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